Selected correspondence here is shown newest first:

Correspondence with Lord Reay re House of Lords Bill which suggests that the bill will reach the Committee Stage in late January/early February 2012. Updated 9 March 2012. The Bill lapses with the end of this Parliamentary Session, but in this message, Lord Reay says he will reintroduce it early in the next session.

Planning Blight
An internal e-mail exchange 09/12/2011

Letter from Aardvark EM Ltd
(received 5th November 2011 but dated before we had even heard of them)
in reply to letter requesting their immediate withdrawal.
A similar letter was also sent to the landowner to which there has been no reply.

Letter to landowner enclosing proposed questionnaire
This letter was sent as a courtesy. A precis of the follow-up phone conversition between the writer and recipient is added as a "sticky".

The House of Lords Wind Turbine Bill
which has received its second reading
Latest (9th March 2012): "The Bill lapses with the coming end of this session. I propose to reintroduce it at the start of the new session (begins 9th May), incorporating some amendments suggested in our last debate. This will keep the issue before Parliament and hopefully it will get its own Second Reading not too long after. The aim must be to try and persuade the Government to adopt some or all of its provisions, rather than expect it to become law as it stands."
Lord Reay

How we first heard about the turbine
The original poster from Aardvark EM Ltd announcing the "Exhibition" at Coldridge Village Hall, 20 October 2011