Campaign to Protect Rural England
CPRE Devon
Taw Turbine Action Group now hold group membership of CPRE and really appreciate their help and support.

Two Moors Campaign
Including the Batsworthy Cross Appeal

Protect Cornwall

What you end up with when there is no decommissioning strategy at the end of a wind farm's life
Messrs. Murex Ltd, the developers, when asked at the Coldridge public meeting in October 2011 about the proposed turbine at Clotworthy Farm, Coldridge, could not answer what would happen to the turbine once it was no longer useful, nor who would pay for its decommissioning.

Artists Against Wind Farms ...fighting to save beautiful countryside and wild places all around the world from needless industrialization.

European Platform Against Windfarms
The European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) was founded in Paris on October 4th 2008 by a small number of federations, associations and other groups from four EU countries. It now has 509 member-organisations, from 23 countries.
The aim of EPAW is to defend the interests of its members which are either:

Analysis of UK Wind Power Generation: November 2008 to December 2010
Report by Stuart Young Consulting
This rather damning report explodes the belief that onshore wind farms generate on average 30% of rated capacity - in fact the average output from metred wind farms over the report's period was 24.08% and in 2010 was as low as 21.14%. It also proves that wind turbines cannot be relied upon to provide a supply of electricity that matches demand (for simple the reason that availability of wind is dependent on weather conditions).

Ill Wind
A successful campaign to stop the erection of three wind turbines at the Honda plant in Swindon.
This site is a terrific example of how to fight a planning application, particularly for wind turbines.
Essential reading!

Turbine bursts into flames during storm
In the high winds on 8th December 2011, a turbine bursts into flame on the coast of North Ayrshire.

National Wind Watch
Presenting the facts about industrial wind power.