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10 June 2012
Diocese Of Exeter withdraws turbine plans
The Diocese of Exeter has announced it will be withdrawing its plans to erect six wind turbines at three different locations in North Devon.

10 June 2012
Diocese to withdraw wind turbine planning applications
The Diocese of Exeter has announced today, in a pastoral letter to the parishes of East Anstey, Chittlehampton and Black Torrington, that it is to withdraw its planning applications for two small agricultural wind turbines in each parish.

10 June 2012
More on Lincolnshire's lead in rejecting wind farms
Conservative-run Lincolnshire County Council has given more details on their planning policy designed to resist the spread of wind farms.

4 June 2012
Little Hemsby beats the wind farm goliaths
As the Government plans to cut wind farm subsidies, Victoria Moore visits the Norfolk villagers who saved their community from towering turbines.

3 June 2012
Lincolnshire County Council see sense
Councillors urge greater caution on wind farms
THE AUTHORITY needs to take a stronger position on wind farms, says Lincolnshire County Council's Environmental Scrutiny Committee.

31 May 2012
Parish fury at diocese plan for six turbines
WHEN Chittlehampton's church clock stopped working, worshippers had to have a whip-round in the local pub to pay for repairs.

30 May 2012
Ruling on wind farm says the countryside is as important as climate change targets
The Coalition's renewable energy targets do not outweigh value of the beauty of the English countryside, a High Court judge said yesterday as she rejected planning permission for a wind farm.

29 May 2012
A696 near Otterburn closed after turbine transporter crash
A GIANT transporter carrying wind turbine components has closed a Northumberland road after crashing into a ditch.


29 May 2012
Griff Rhys Jones attacks ‘hypocrisy of wind farms’
Griff Rhys Jones has attacked wind farms as the “hypocrisy of green tokenism” and warned that they will not fulfill 10 per cent of Britain's energy needs.

26 May 2012
Village 'outraged' by church turbines bid
Griff Rhys Jones attacks ‘hypocrisy of wind farms’
The Church of England has been accused of “alienating” parishioners after a public meeting rejected “outrageous” plans to build turbines on church land.

Church uses green excuse
It is disappointing that the Archdeacon of Barnstaple fails to acknowledge the serious social consequences of wind turbines which make them unethical investments for the Church…

20 May 2012
Electricity bills set to rise to pay for wind farm subsidies
Household electricity bills will rise by as much as a quarter to pay for wind farms and other forms of renewable energy, according to a new report.

15 April 2012
Conservatives plot re-think on countryside wind turbines
Ministers are preparing to veto major new wind farms in the British countryside and cut back their subsidies, according to senior Government sources.

13 April 2012
80m high wind turbine rejected by North Devon District Council
Close to the notorious Fullabrook wind farm, permission for this 800kW turbine was refused because "The proposed development by virtue of its height, design, the movement of the blades and prominent position on an upland plateau represents an incongruous manmade feature, out of scale with and failing to preserve or enhance the natural beauty of this unspoilt landscape. There will also be a major adverse impact from the turbine upon the residential amenities of the occupiers of a number of nearby dwellings. The economic benefits of the proposal in the opinion of the Local Planning Authority do not outweigh this landscape detriment. As such the proposal is considered to be contrary to the provisions of Policy ST1 and CO1 of the Devon Structure Plan 2001 - 2016 and Policy DVS1, ENV1 and ECN15 of the North Devon Local Plan 2006."

4 April 2012
Lone turbines spark 'feeding frenzy' for taxpayer handouts
HUNDREDS of single wind farm turbine applications are being lodged in Scotland in a 'feeding frenzy' for subsidies, which are at risk of escaping proper scrutiny in the planning system, experts have warned.
The Scotsman

30 March 2012
Residents likely to resist second turbine request
AN APPLICATION for a wind turbine at a farm near Chulmleigh has been submitted to planners, just a week after a neighbouring parish council recommended a similar application be rejected.

30 March 2012
Call for wind turbine applications to be suspended
Conservative councillors are proposing that Northumberland County Council suspends future applications for wind turbines.

27 March 2012
The National Planning Policy Framework was published by the Government today.
You can download a copy here.
The policies in the Framework apply with immediate effect. Implementation arrangements are set out in Annex 1 to the Framework (pp 48-49).
The Framework replaces the Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Planning Policy Guiidance (PPG). Local policies still apply.
Once we have had a chance to read the document we will add further information.

24 March 2012
Pinning all our hopes on the wind is misguided and costly
Giles Chichester MEP writing in the Western Morning News

22 March 2012
Wind turbines 'spreading across Devon like measles'
Torridge and North Devon planners have been hit by a flurry of applications to put up wind turbines across the region.

21 March 2012
Will 'industrial' Atlantic Array spoil North Devon view?
Please reply to the poll! (90% say "No" at time of posting)

20 March 2012
Halt the march of the wind turbine blight
Letter to The Western Morning News

19 March 2012
Broken down and rusting, is this the future of Britain's 'wind rush'?

17 March 2012
Is it time to abolish the Planning Inspectorate to stop further travesties like the Lyveden wind farm?

16 March 2012
Hands Off Our Land: Thousands of new homes and wind farms fast-tracked by planners
The construction of more than 14,000 new homes and three wind turbines are planned under controversial government reforms, even though the regulations are yet to be finalised.

15 March 2012
Residents reject plans for farm wind turbine
Chawleigh Parish Council has recommended refusing a planning application for a 35 metre wind turbine at Philham Farm.

14 March 2012
Protesters call on council to reject wind turbines
Protesters yesterday gathered outside Torridge District Council offices in North Devon, where they handed a statement to councillors.

14 March 2012
Family joins fight to block turbine
"These things are heavily subsidised, they save very little money and I, for one, am totally against the plans."

13 March 2012
Say no to wind farms: Shale of the century
The arguments for wind farms just became obsolete. We're entering an era when gas will be cheap, plentiful – and green

12 March 2012
There must be a better solution than turbines
"I believe we should certainly look after our planet. I do not believe digging large holes and filling them with concrete to be the answer"
Christina M Lees, Grantham Journal

9 March 2012
Wind farms: even worse than we thought…
James Delingpole

9 March 2012
The £120 Billion Blunder: Wind Energy 'Ten Times Dearer Than Gas Power Stations'
The Global Warming Policy Foundation

8 March 2012
Protecting residents against noisy wind turbines
"...noise has been reported at distances of up to 4,800ft"
Letter to the Daily Telegraph, 1 March 2012

7 March 2012
Energy generation for farms with rivers and streams
The South West is undoubtedly a leader in renewable energy technology. However one potential renewable source available in the South West relatively ignored is water.

7 March 2012
'We should not have to take drugs'
PEOPLE living near a wind farm north of Carmarthen say they have resorted to medication because the turbines are so loud.

6 March 2011
Wind turbines divide the countryside
Letter published in The Western Morning News

5 March 2012
Wind farms will be seen as a monument to man's crass stupidity
Letter to the West Sussex Gazette

4 March 2012
How much profit will a turbine turn?
Developers of wind farms offer 'sweeteners' to local communities, but they may be tiny compared to the revenues.

1 March 2012
Village split over wind turbines
Plans for a wind turbine near Shebbear have stirred up mixed emotions.

29 February 2012
Concerns about the Government's support for on-shore wind turbines
Letter to the Daily Telegraph signed by a number of public worthies.

29 February 2012
Prime Minister's Question Time at approx. 12' 54".
Ian Swales (Redcar) (LD):
In my area, there are plans for 120 metre-high wind turbines between the beautiful villages of New Marske and Upleatham, which are less than a mile apart. Does the Prime Minister agree that such giant turbines should not be built so close to residential areas without local people having a say?
The Prime Minister:
We want to see a balanced energy policy and there is a place for renewable technologies in such a policy. We are making two changes that I think will be welcome to the hon. Gentleman. First, we are cutting the subsidy to onshore wind, because I think that it has been over-subsidised and wasteful of public money. Secondly, when the Localism Act 2011 fully comes in, that will give local communities a greater say about issues such as wind turbines. Of course, we tried to do that earlier by abolishing the regional spatial strategies that the previous Government put in place, but we lost that case in the courts so we need the Localism Act to come into force in full.

29 February 2012
Local communities 'can't fight unwanted wind farms'
Local communities have no chance of fighting “unwanted" on-shore wind farms” under the Government's planning reforms, a group of academics, politicians and celebrities warns today.

28 February 2012
Fairer noise assessment needed for a rural turbine
Western Morning News

27 February 2012
Has the wind revolution stalled in the UK?
Britain should be a world leader in wind energy but subsidy changes and a hesitant public are scaring investors

27 February 2012
Investment at risk after wind power backlash
Billions of pounds' worth of investment in Britain's energy infrastructure is under threat amid fears the government’s commitment to wind energy has wavered, it has emerged.

27 February 2012
Matt Bakers Story Hits Farmers Weekly
Includes a poll which shows a a majority in favour of the question "Do you believe wind turbines are a threat to the British countryside?". Please place your vote now!

21 February 2012
Devon farms 'should not be windfarms'
Farmers in Devon should stay with farming and leave energy-production to someone else, a leading rural campaign group has said.

21 February 2012
Turbines biggest threat to countryside
Matt Baker – The Western Morning News
and in The Daily Telegraph

18 February 2012
Wind farm drive turning region into 'pin cushion'
So says Mike Bruton, chairman of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) in the Duchy (of Cornwall), who also described the Government's wind energy incentives as a "scam".

15 February 2012
Giles Chichester MEP: letter to The North Devon Gazette

5 February 2012 updated 13 February 2012
The letter in full
100 Tories revolt over wind farms, Wind farm subsidy cut urged by MPs and Huhne's exit gives Cameron the chance to end the scourge of wind turbines
...and about time too!

13 February 2012
National Trust comes out against 'public menace' of wind farms
The National Trust is now "deeply sceptical" of wind power, its chairman said as he launched an outspoken attack on the "public menace" of turbines destroying the countryside.

8 February 2012
The best article on wind farms you will ever read
(Daily Telegraph)

7 February 2012
Kevin Myers: Energy policy based on renewables will win hearts but won't protect their owners from frostbite and death due to exposure
(Irish Independent)

28 January 2012
MPs call on Cameron to re-examine regulations for onshore wind farms

18 January 2012
A Lot of Hot Air!
Chris Heaton-Harris, MP for Daventry, discusses his Ten Minute Rule Bill that, if enacted, would allow local authorities to determine their own exclusion zones for wind-turbines from dwellings.

17 January 2012
RTCC Comment: Why wind is not the answer
Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) is a Non-Governmental Organisation and an official observer to the United Nations climate change negotiations dedicated to raising awareness about climate change issues.

9 January 2012
Wind power is expensive and ineffective at cutting CO2 say Civitas.
In conclusion the report says: "The wind projects do not fulfill 'sustainable' objectives. They cost more fuel than they save and they cause no CO2 saving, in the contrary they increase our environmental 'foot print'".

8 January 2012
Wind farms earn £1m to shut down over Christmas and New Year gales
When is this nonsense going to stop?

7 January 2012
Chris Huhne is piling on the make-believe
The Government's latest report on our future energy supply is a tissue of unproved assumptions and wishful thinking.
Wind turbine blades fly off in storm
A catastrophic and potentially life threatening failure in virtually any other industry would lead to recall of all examples of the same design/construction with, in serious cases, a stop on further use until the situation has been remedied ... or do we have to wait until people are killed or seriously injured in such an incident?

4 January 2012
Eight single wind turbine applications withdrawn
There must be a reason!

27 December 2011
£10m cost of turning off wind farms
"We might just as well build a bonfire of £20 notes for all the costs associated with wind turbines and set light to it. It would probably give out more energy than they ever will."

21 December 2011
Figures don't stack up
We are also of the opinion that the claims made for the Clotworthy Farm proposal don't stack up. The proposed Enercon E33 turbine produces 55kW of power at 6m/s (the average wind speed for the location is 5.9m/s: Department of Energy and Climate Change data for grid ref. SS7008). To achieve its rated output of 330kW it needs a wind speed of at least 13 m/s or 29 mph (that's the speed at which large tree branches move, overhead wires begin to "whistle", umbrellas are difficult to keep under control).

15th December 2011
Planning Application withdrawn for 50kw wind turbine mounted on a 25 metre tower at Mounticombe Farm, Chawleigh. See CPRE's letter of objection.

12th December 2011
Over-reliance on wind farms 'will lead to power cuts'

8th December 2011
Turbine bursts into flames during storm
In the high winds today over Scotland, a turbine bursts into flame on the coast of North Ayrshire.
Wind Turbine blows over near Coldingham