Martin Hesp
"So here we come to wind energy's big drawback. When the wind doesn't blow, wind turbines are about as useful as a Saharan flood prevention scheme."
Source: North Devon Journal, 15 April 2009

"Wind Turbines make as much sense as riding a bike to save fuel and carbon emissions but having someone drive a car behind you in case you get tired!"

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon: If they really are efficient then why do they need a subsidy?
"Getting consumers to pay a great deal of money for inefficient and unpredictable energy production is not the way forward in difficult financial times - or at any time. By its nature, wind is very unpredictable and they seem to be impressed when they get 29pc efficiency, but that does not seem very efficient to me.
"To build these turbines on an industrial scale is wholly inappropriate for a rural landscape. It is just wrong to have structures the size of Big Ben sticking out into the countryside. They are getting taller and taller and the people who are having their environment blighted are paying for it through their taxes and through their energy bills.
"If they really are efficient then why do they need a subsidy? That is the obvious question. We should spend what little taxpayers' money we have available on things like making new-build houses more energy-efficient, rather than subsidising these huge structures which make a few people rich and a lot more people pay through the nose."

Source: Power Engineering Magazine

Comment on "Watts Up With That"
Derrick Marshall says:
August 27, 2011 at 8:14 am
"Finally I have found intelligence in the universe, great discussion folks. The problem we have in Canada is that the last 30 years has seen our manufacturing sector decimated, this last generation coming through has never manufactured ANYTHING, they have NO working knowledge to see a wind turbine scam if the tower fell on their head. GOOGLE top hits are from wind turbine sales people and others looking to get into the fraud. Our teachers that are in love with these wind turbines couldn't thread a bolt into a nut... hardly the folks to recognize or understand a mechanical disaster, they get their info from the infomercial "news" sector. And we wonder why we have a so called "green" crowd that represents ignorance."
Source: Watts up with that?

Dr Lee Moroney, planning director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, a think tank, said:
"As we all know, wind is fickle, and balancing electricity supply and demand when there is too much or too little wind power is proving difficult and expensive."
"The costs, which are ultimately borne by consumers, will inevitably increase as more wind farms are built. REF has estimated that the total cost of solving the difficulties of integrating wind power will cost £5 billion a year on top of renewable subsidies in 2020 if current EU targets are met."

Source: Daily Telegraph Article

Richard Bowdler BSc CEng CPhy FIOA FCIBSE MCIArb, an acoustic consultant and Director of New Acoustics who sat on the original noise working group for E.T.S.U. used to advise the Government on wind farm noise. He resigned because he felt concerns about noise from wind farms were not being followed up. He said:
"The science in E.T.S.U. is laughable ... it is so poor technically that its conclusions have to be queried. It is put together through unfounded assertions".
"I have no doubt that there are some people who are seriously affected by wind farm noise," ... "it was impossible to complain because the noise limits set for wind farms are too high"
"You cannot do anything except for a make a lot of fuss... What is needed is stricter standards that bring wind farms into line with every other industrial noise."
Source: Daily Telegraph Article

Dr. Van den Berg of the University of Groeningen, said
"The methods used by wind turbine developers are seriously flawed … Actual sound levels are considerably higher than predicted, and wind turbines can produce sound with an impulsive character"

Source: Journal of Sound and Vibration

Professor Ffowcs-Williams, Emeritus Professor of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, one of the UK's leading acoustical experts, said:
"The regulations are dated and in other ways inadequate. It is known modern, very tall turbines, do cause problems, and many think the current guidelines fail adequately to protect the public"
Source: The Economics of Renewable Energy - Economic Affairs Committee

"The issue here is that we "nimbys" actually bother to examine all the evidence regarding wind farms. If the wider community did the same they too would conclude that they are a waste of time and can have a huge impact on those unfortunate enough to have them imposed upon them"
Julie Trott, communications officer, Huntspill wind farm action group, Somerset.
Source: Huntspill Wind Farm Action Group

"...absolutely useless, completely reliant on subsidies and an absolute disgrace"
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Source: Daily Telegraph