Transcript of letter published in The Western Morning News 06 March 2012

Our rural communities are very much at risk these days and it is very important that our villages maintain a strong sense of social harmony. Unfortunately the exploitation of our beautiful countryside by turbine developers from afar has seriously disturbed the normal peaceful relationships that we once enjoyed.

It is easy to see why landowners are tempted by the handouts promised by the these exploiters. Unfortunately they are only receiving a few crumbs from the master's table, and the majority of the revenue, largely funded by subsidies taken out of the pockets of us all, is taken away to the pockets of the rich or sent abroad to pay for the turbines.

Understandably, we that live in the community, and are threatened by the visual aspect, noise, or flicker from these large machines are upset that initial agreements may have been signed between local landowners and developers without any consultation with the people that might be affected. The resulting fight that then has to take place to object to an inappropriate turbine development can put our rural harmony at serious risk. These confrontations are now taking place all across Devon and Cornwall. Some local people are staying away from parish meetings to avoid being seen to disagree with landowners that they have known and respected for years. They rely on objectors from elsewhere to make the case against the "March of the Machines".

So I would be make the following plea to landowners: If you have been tempted to sign an initial agreement with a turbine developer to install a large turbine on your land, please consult your neighbours and your local community first , or that machine may become not only a source of real social divide for the next 25 years, but furthermore - a towering monument to social indifference!

John Dike